Challenging the Youth Dictate:
An Inclusive Approach Towards Aging

We are pleased to introduce a new initiative of the Openstreams Foundation: Stop Age Anxiety. Its aim is to challenge our attitudes towards aging and alleviate the pressures created by the beauty dictates of our modern society.  Aging often has a negative connotation, but it should be embraced as a natural part of life. With the global population living longer and growing older, the consequences of aging are garnering more attention than ever.  The number of persons aged 80 years or older is forecasted to reach 426 million by 2050.

The beauty industry plays a powerful role in shaping society’s expectations. Anti-aging claims are an integral part of today’s beauty industry. Stop Age Anxiety is not against anti-aging products, but encourages a more open and inclusive view on aging.

Sponsored by BEAUTYSTREAMS, the Stop Age Anxiety awareness campaign is an ongoing initiative.

What is Age Anxiety?

Our society creates constant pressure concerning physical appearance. Most beauty ideals are built around concepts of youth and create unrealistic desires to appear and stay young at all cost.

People of all ages are exposed to age anxiety, and the damaging effects on self-esteem.  Today, teenagers feel the pressure to prevent early signs of aging, exacerbated by social media.

Adults believe that youthful appearance is equated with dynamism in the workplace and success in romance. Seniors feel anxiety because they feel disconnected and excluded from active society.  

Changing Mentalities Together

At the Openstreams Foundation we believe that age is not a problem to be solved, it is simply a natural part of life that could be embraced. People of all age and appearance are beautiful. Age is a part of our diverse society in the same way other aspects such as race, shape, size, gender, and individual belief are.

The beauty industry could not only find ways to make people appear younger, but also find new ways to make people feel comfortable at all ages and accompany them throughout their lives. Areas such as psychological and physical well-being, mental fitness, and health are open avenues to explore. It’s time to evolve beauty standards in order to release unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations.

Anticipating the Future

The Stop Age Anxiety message does not limit the opportunities of businesses related to anti-aging. Instead, it offers an opening towards new potential product categories, which, in time, could even surpass the anti-aging sector. We in the beauty industry understand that we must evolve to meet shifting demographics and consumer needs. The Stop Age Anxiety initiative helps to prepare the beauty industry for the inevitable rise of older populations and longer life expectancy, in order to offer products and marketing communications that will resonate with them.

Join the Movement

Spread the message. Share #stopageanxiety.

This special initiative is designed to challenge how we think and feel about aging and elevate the conversation around age. By spearheading industry-wide awareness of the pressure to stay looking youthful, and re-examining our perception of aging, the Openstreams Foundation hopes to foster healthy aging, to better reflect the human experience and the beauty of growing older in today’s society. 


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