“In today’s world, with borders closing and racism concerns, there is a need for a friendly, neutral platform for exchange and collaboration.”

Openstreams Foundation

The Openstreams Foundation is a non-profit organization established by BEAUTYSTREAMS Founder & CEO Lan Vu. Its mission is to foster global collaboration, promote awareness of key issues related to the beauty sector, and support education. Through the Openstreams Foundation, Lan Vu and the BEAUTYSTREAMS team hope to ignite a movement towards borderless exchanges, collaborations, and support worldwide. The Openstreams Foundation will serve as a bridge for the beauty industry to link to non-profit initiatives that give back to the community, including vocational training and developing job opportunities in impoverished areas. The Openstreams Foundation believes strongly in education, as it gives people the tools and dignity to build a better future for themselves.

“In a way, establishing this non-profit organization is coming full circle for me,” says Lan Vu. Lan was born in Saigon, Vietnam. She fled the country in 1975 as a refugee of the Vietnam War. Her family lost everything overnight. They left the country with a small suitcase hastily filled with old family photographs, which her father considered their most precious belongings. They spent months in a refugee camp and were sponsored out by US Air Force Colonel Gerald Clayton and his wife Anne, an Eastern Airlines stewardess. The kindly couple sponsored not only Lan’s immediate family, but also the extended family with aunts and uncles -16 people in total were living with the couple! Lan’s family had to start from zero in the United States. In fact, it was actually the second time her family lost everything and had to start over. Her once-wealthy parents had left Hanoi in 1954 empty-handed, and managed to re-build their livelihood in Saigon. The example of her family losing and rebuilding their lives made Lan realize that when all is lost, education is the best lifeline to reconstruct your life. 

Instead of an anniversary celebration, Lan wanted to contribute to the beauty community by launching a non-profit organization, the OpenstreamsFoundation. Through it, she and the BEAUTYSTREAMS team – a passionate, multicultural group of people – hope to spread the borderless spirit.

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