Creating Open Streams of Borderless Exchange

The Openstreams Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster global collaboration, further awareness of key issues related to the beauty sector, and support education. By working together, the beauty industry can promote positive awareness on a global and local scale regarding issues such as women’s empowerment, gender equality, health education, and self-esteem.

The Openstreams Foundation is pleased to launch a new initiative:

A Special Non-Profit
Awareness Campaign

This special Stop Age Anxiety initiative is designed to challenge how we think and feel about aging and elevate the conversation around age. It is not against anti-aging products, but rather, about widening the scope towards a more inclusive view on aging and beauty. By re-examining our perceptions on the topic, the Openstreams Foundation hopes to foster healthy aging, to better reflect the human experience and the beauty of growing older in today’s society.

Contributing Back to the Community

The Openstreams Foundation was established by Lan Vu, Founder & CEO of BEAUTYSTREAMS, the global beauty industry reference source. Grateful to be a part of this dynamic industry, Lan and her team wanted to give back to the beauty community.

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