Discover The Openstreams Global Beauty Industry Summit Official Report 2020

A Global View with Local Insights

End of November, one month after the Global Beauty Industry Summit, the Official Report 2020 has been launched. It is a definitive, post-event report that gathers key insights from the Summit, as well as additional perspectives. It will feature the global and local insights of the participants of the Summit. This includes 17 national associations and 11 trade show partners whose combined reach spans over 100 countries. As part of the Openstreams Foundation’s non-profit initiative related to the Summit, the report will be complimentary for the global beauty community.

This first edition of the Global Beauty Industry Report 2020 is sponsored by BEAUTYSTREAMS, our gift to the global beauty community. The report will be a complimentary report to all industry professionals.

• Key findings of the Openstreams Global Beauty Industry Summit
• Global and local industry perspectives on: local development, sustainability, technology, retail,
philanthropy, remote work, etc
• Insights from trade show organizations worldwide
• Outcome of the exclusive B2B online survey conducted by BEAUTYSTREAMS

An Exclusive Business-to-Business Survey

The survey was conducted in seven languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, and Italian. Respondents include beauty industry professionals from the full supply chain worldwide. 400 people from 13 countries participated between October 1 and November 13, 2020.

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